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"Daddy, If God really loves Grandma, Why would He give her cancer?"

Some time ago my mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. My then four year old son would pray each night for God to heal his “Guh Guh” of her cancer.

I was completely torn as to handle this situation. How do you begin to explain to  a four year old why a God who loves us would allow us to go through difficult things in this life? What if God did not choose, in His will, to heal her? How do you explain God’s love in His allowance of trials?

I asked the Lord for His help, and He gave me “The Man and The Wall.”

The question that was asked in order to help a four year old understand the actions of God is one that we ask no matter what age we are. The question is “Why?”

Please remember that God never promises easy, but He does promise possible.

This is the story of “The Man and The Wall.”

The walls we find on our path, be it cancer, loss of loved ones, or a difficult circumstance of one nature or another can seem very much like walls that prevent us from walking the path the Lord created us to walk.

These are not walls, these are steps that are perfectly designed to bring you closer in your understanding to the God who loves you. Our “Walls” are His introductions.

I hope you are as blessed reading this as I have been in writing this. God bless you as you continue to climb!

This is the question that started everything for me.

"I see now Daddy!!!

God Helped Guh Guh Climb her wall!"

                      ~Clark (4yrs)

"The Man and the wall was one of the sweetest gifts we received when we were dealing with the loss of  our oldest son. A friend passed it along and it made the difference."

                                                                             ~Shelby N.

"If someone arrived on earth and wanted to know what this whole thing was all about, I would give them this book."

                                                                             ~Steve F.

"There is a compound truth packed into this simple 28 page book that is so simple."

                                                                             ~Ben D.


                                                                             ~Sarah S.

"I use this book as a resource in my family counseling practice. It has been a game changer."

                                                                             ~Gordon R.

" Your book, The Man and the Wall is a testimony to the simple beauty of God, “… with God ALL things are possible,” Mathew 23-26.


Thank you my brother for listening to God and following His path for your life.

                                                                             ~Susan L.


Want to See Full Story Behind

"The Man and The Wall"?


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