"Everyone has a story to tell, only the courageous will find a way to get it told. Let my team and I help you become courageous!"


You are NOT alone! Nearly 100% of my clients started with an idea, but no idea what to do with their idea. That is where my team and I come in. We publish AMAZING books written by AMAZING people who had an idea and took a step in courage to ask the next question. The best way to start, or at least get the next steps is to ask the most important question.

What is the most important question? 

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You wrote the book, we do EVERYTHING else! Our team is absolutely magnificent and they are dedicated to excellence. We offer proofing, editing, layout design, ghost writing, art illustration, story board layout, content coaching, graphic design, and everything else you may need to get your book published and released.

When you contact us, we will find out where you are in the process and give you an an assessment of what you will need to get you from where you are to where you want to be!


I am so proud of every author our team has been privileged to help, and there is no greater joy than to be a part of someones story as they tell it! Here are some of the beautiful stories we have been privileged to be a part of since our founding in 2018.

In every case, these were people who went past the desire to "one day" write a book, and took the next step of asking what it took to make that happen. These people came to us at the same stage you are now at... "What do i do now?"

These are their AMAZING stories!

The Day My Teacher Ate A Pumpkin Seed Co
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The Lord places “Divine connections” in our lives at just the right time. As I was completing my book “Hope Is On The Way”.


Daniel was brought into our lives at just the right time and what a blessing he has been. His ministry of spreading the gospel radiates with integrity, professionalism, and promptness. I might add, he was very patient with a new author who was learning with each passing chapter. I was incredibly pleased with the outcome of my book and I would recommend Daniel to anyone who has a passion to write a book.

-Sandra Hancock

As a Published author l highly recommend Lakeview Publishing and Consulting to aspiring first-time authors and seasoned Author. If you have that desire to write and if you want to take out time to journal your thoughts, dreams.
If God is dealing with you and this way is very important that you have the spiritual guidance and insight that brother Daniel Stombaugh offers. My experience with him has broadened my horizon as an author, The wisdom and advice from the designing of covers from chapter to chapter from the beginning to the end of the book Making sure that the Content of the book flows according to the reader's needs, he can take care of your publishing needs.
If this is you have scribes anointing. Now you need the kingdom assistance and professionalism that will bring your story to the Glory. By the way, writing is contagious It will enhance your ministry By the grace of God I have Blessed to publish 8 books To God be the glory. 

- Pastor Carl Flowers 

I thank and praise God for the divine connection of putting bro. Daniel Stombaugh in my pathway. Daniel was very instrumental in helping me get out and tell my story. I was very nervous because I have never done anything on this level and Daniel stepped right on in and helped me to put my words into a book. Whenever I felt unsure about anything he was always there giving me encouraging words and convinced me that I could do it. He gave me the confidence and help me to find the inner strength that I needed to finish writing my book. He was my coach, cheering me on, encouraging me to never give up. He made writing this book so very easy for me. I really appreciate his compassion and his unselfish willingness to help me in the process. Daniel was there from the beginning of 926 sustaining faith until the end, and because of him people will hear and know my story. Daniel labored right beside me, he prayed for me and with me. I highly recommend anyone that is seeking out a publisher to trust Daniel Stombaugh with your story. He has such great love and compassion for people, and a willingness to help you with your desire to write. If there is a writer inside of you trust me He will pull it out of you. Daniel Stombaugh thank you it's because of you that I am now a published author!!!!!

Patricia Morgan

I just so happened to be visiting my mom one day when she received something in the mail from a publishing company and she preceded to tell me that she was trying to have my grandmother’s book published but nothing seemed to be working out. Now, understand, this book is “THE BOOK” I, as a 9-year-old little girl, watched my grandmother write after she lost her son, the words were written was fresh in her pain and an important part of her healing process. The Lord led me to Daniel Stombaugh, an amazing publisher. I had never been through the process of publishing a book before, to be honest, it can be somewhat intimidating. Daniel was very patient with me and genuinely cared about my grandmother’s vision for her book. He has a unique gift of bringing to life what you want to convey, taking your ideas and creating the best possible end result imaginable! I am so impressed with his professional service and personable personality to make you feel at ease with such a new and exciting venture! I look forward to working with him in the future, as this has awakened a gift in me— Daniel just encourages the gift and confidence to see your vision through. My grandmother waited 25 years to become an author and because of Daniel, within 4 short months after I contacted him, that dream became a reality! Truly thankful and blessed! If you have ever felt the call to write or have experienced something you feel could help others but not sure where to start, Daniel Stombaugh will not only help you make your vision a reality, He will make you feel as though you can do even more!! I highly recommended Daniel! His passion for Jesus, people and seeing each individual’s story with the stamp of God on each one. A publisher and company dedicated to seeing first and foremost God lifted up and giving glory to Him. John 12:32 “When I have been lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people toward Myself.”


~ Tiffany Quave

"I hung up the phone and said to myself I think I have made a good choice. I would soon find out I had made a great choice. That 10-minute call would begin my journey with Daniel. Always patient with me in my concerns and additions, we soon came to cover design, format and the finishing touches that reflect the quality of work. Friends have commented on how well it looks and feels. Many thanks to Daniel and his team for helping me place in print what God had placed in my heart. I highly recommend Daniel Stombaugh and Lakeview Publishing & Consulting with your next book. So glad I made the decision to trust him with my first."