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My name is Daniel, and I have a passion for helping people identify God’s working in their life! The single most important day in my life, outside of the day I met Christ, was the day I discovered how to hear the voice of God in my life. His voice directed me away from the bondage of performance-based acceptance and a life pattern of frustration. My life and understanding radically changed when I really looked at what salvation in Christ had given me. Jesus did not come to make bad people moral; He came to make dead men live!


I truly believe that a person could make it through any difficulty if they were to fully understand just how much they are loved by The Father. God bless you today and thank you for taking the time to read through what God has placed in my heart.


Daniel Stombaugh is a speaker, illustrator, writer, and the author of “The Man and The Wall,” “BRICKMAN: How I Discovered My Not So Secret Identity,” Solomon’s Song: A 90-day journey of God’s expressed desire for your heart,” Life of the Party, Cardboard signs: and other things that identify us,” and God the Invisible Man. He has co-authored a book entitled, Open The Doors And See All The People: An invitation to notice what we miss., and has written a 13-week in-depth discipleship curriculum entitled Solomon’s Song along with many more resources.

Daniel was saved from a lifetime of religious bondage and brings a message of hope and belief to the body of Christ with extreme passion. He loves to communicate his God-given message to anyone he can reach. Daniel has a love for Superman, comic books, and all things ancient Egypt. He and his family live on the Gulf Coast and talk about going to the beach every year, but always seem to find other things to do.

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