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What People Are Saying


" BRICKMAN has been easily one of the most inspirational books I have read all year long. An easy read with a POWERFUL punch. Thanks Daniel!"

                             ~ Alan Spears

" I liked reading your story of finding your true identity in Christ and it has led me to really ask and pray to God to show me who he has called me to be in Him.  I really liked the comic book at the end! Brickman is cool!"

                             ~ Dexter Koen

The outer manifestation of an inward heart issue is something all of us deal with, whether it be good or not so good. Our problem is not in the things we hold ourselves hostage to, rather we find ourselves in a crisis of identity because we don't grasp how deep and how wide our relationship with our Lord can be.

A crisis of identity is a struggle so many face when outside sources seek our attention daily and our minds are taken over by mundane tasks and we lose intention and purpose.

Brickman takes readers on a journey through self-acceptance and revelation at what it looks like when we are able to take off the masks, accept who we are in Christ alone, and learn to love even if from a broken heart.

Be encouraged today to know that we are never alone; our source of all Light and Love surrounds us.

Brickman is a joyful reminder that God can put His super on our natural in every situation!!"

                                                                     ~ Julie Keene

" BRICKMAN is an AMAZING read!!! It is one of those books that just stays with you. Thanks!"


                            ~ Joseph Meyers

" I bought this one because my teenage son is into comic books. He thouroughly enjoyed it!"


~ Pam Shepherd

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