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My name is Daniel and I am just a guy who has identified just how loved and adored I am by God. This podcast is an expression of an even bigger dream yet to come. LAKESIDE is a podcast designed to strengthen it's listeners in their hope and belief as they journey through life with God. Each podcast episode is roughly 12-18 minutes long so they are perfect for that drive to work or an evening walk.

Thank you for the listen!

The Podcast

The BEST way to go through a teaching series is to have the freedom to write down what speaks to your heart through what you are hearing. Don't just think it, ink it!

The Solomon's Song writing journal is the definitive way to capture your thoughts and ideas as you embark on your journey with God. The scripture emphasis drawn from the Song of Solomon, along with the personal notes from the author, will enhance the writing experience and provide you with a look at the heart of God unlike any you have ever seen.


SOLOMON'S SONG is dynamic 90 day devotional that explores the heart of God through the story of a King and a Shepherd Girl.

Each daily passage from the Song of Solomon is presented through the aspect of a love letter from God. Rich and expressive this book has been instrumental in helping thousands of its readers find a connective relationship with God.