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"What happens here will change the world"

We are so small and yet as people we desire to dream so BIG.

What makes our dreams and goals so difficult to handle is the circumstances around us when we have the dream. Everything seems to speak to the contrary of what we dream. Big dreams come to us when we feel so small. They come to us when we have buck teeth and big glasses. When our world has been shaken apart we receive the dream of a place that is put together. When we feel as though no one knows we are alive we are awakened to a dream of being someone who is sought after for what we have inside of us that could change the entire world. When we feel insignificant, we dream of doing, creating, or producing something radical and world changing.

I mean we have these dreams of being able to do something so large and game changing and yet more often then not, our dreams come to us with no frame of reference to go from other than a small internal voice that says, “Step out!”

It could be the voice in a cornfield saying,” build a baseball diamond and people will show up to rediscover the thrill of a simple past time which will re-center their own internal searches.” It could show up as you view of a treacherously large gap in a skyline when the tiny thought says,” build a bridge”.

Dreams. They can be crazy right?

I mean here you are with this thought or idea that comes to you each night to wake you up saying, “without a frame of reference, bring me to life!”

Over and over it comes to visit you. You struggle because to speak this dream out out scares you to death. It scares you because those who know you best have the only thing you have to look at in processing what you are trying to say. They have your past.
Our past and our dreams for the future often live in conflict.

We have mistakes, failures, failed attempts and unfinished projects that stand up with insane boldness and taunt us. Our past says, ” look what happened last time you got up in the middle of the night for months on end to attempt something like this…” or “seriously, you are going to try this again? This is a hobby and that’s all. You are an idiot to think people will want or need this.”

Dreams. They are crazy right?

Dreams never come to you alone though and this is why we choose to believe in them. Dreams always travel with Hope as a companion. Hope’s best friend is named Faith and Faith says,” regardless of your framework of basis, step out of the boat and walk on water!”

Hope says, “You follow your dreams and my friends faith and love will be there every step of the way”, and by the way, Hope’s friend Love casts out Fear. Dream. Step. Climb. Struggle. Cry. Swear. Curse and bleed recklessly if you need to but do NOT give up.”

Hope says, ” Your dreams come to you to give them life because you CAN bring them to life.”

Your past has perfectly interwoven every experience you will need to accomplish your dream into your very fabric of identity. Your dream is you!
Hope looks at you and says, ” You CAN write that book. You CAN compose that song. You CAN build a million dollar business. You CAN change the world with a simple idea. You CAN heal pain. You CAN write a movie. You CAN speak to thousands. You CAN be an awesome mom or dad. You CAN make it through heartbreaks. You CAN beat cancer. You CAN run a marathon. You CAN change. You CAN win.”


I have a dream of a place called “Lake View.”

It started with a 5am Facebook post on my phone using the neighbors wifi. That post became a weekly blog read in 76 countries. The blog became books, social media venues, speaking engagements, and a future full of vision, purpose and goals.

Lake View is going to be a property along a lakeshore where people can come by invitation to stay for three days at a time. This property will have three small cottages on it where people can have three days of uninterrupted time to find themselves. There is great power in three days. People can come back to life after three days.

It is my dream to be able to offer this place to people who are looking to experience a break through in their lives. There will be no charge for this place of rest beside still waters. Just a clear vision of what they can achieve in the time they spend with God along the water.
As you pull onto the property, there will be a large white sign set in beautiful landscape of flowers that reads, “Welcome to Lake View! What happens here will change the world.”

It sounds so HUGE this dream. Because it began in a place that was so small and yet here it is, growing in intensity and desire each and every day. So this is my “Garage beginnings picture.” This is the day I post a picture to look back on and say, “Thank you Hope, Faith, Belief, and Love for walking me through this dream from its beginning's.”








Today I add my picture to the stack of other small and seemingly impossible birth moments and today I look with eager expectancy to the road ahead.


Dreams are beautiful aren’t they?

What are yours?

What dreams come to you for life?

This is mine. Everything I do is going toward the realization of this place and it's completion.

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