The Divine Leader

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The Song of Solomon is perhaps one of the most misunderstood books of the Bible. While this book does contain passages that very much deal with marriage and sex, this is a book about relationship. It shows us, through the horizontal picture of a king and his bride, what the our vertical relationship with God was designed to be. It presents unconditional love, forgiveness, passion, truth, struggle, and identity with such a beautiful picture you see the true definition of what intimacy was always meant to be. Intimacy simply means “Into me see” and God designed us to be able to see His heart for us clearly.

As a man, God has a role for you to play and it is far from tyrant, or dictator. It is the role of leader. Becoming a Godly leader does not happen by accident. This leadership is learned. You can only give away what you understand you have been given. If you can understand the love and the Divine Nature you were given by God, you will be unable to lead your kingdom as a Divine Leader.

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